Gravel Mix (Concrete Mix)

GRAVEL MIX is a quality blend of Portland cement, graded sand and stone/gravel. It is designed to be used in applications at least 2 inches thick. Applications include foundations, footings, walkways, drives, slabs and anchoring posts and poles. Vita-Crete Gravel Mix is designed to meet or exceed the specifications of ASTM C387 for normal weight concrete.


  • Slump Range 2” – 3”
  • 7 days 2500 psi (17.2 MPa)
  • 28 days 3500 – 4000 psi (24.1-27.6 MPa)


One 80 lb. (36.2 kg) bag will require up to 4 quarts (3.7L) of water. Thoroughly mix the contents of the bag with 3 quarts (2.8L) of water, adding the remaining water a little at a  time if the mix is too stiff. Adding too much water will weaken the mix and may cause cracking in the surface.


Use a screed or straight edge to level the surface. Allow the surface water to disappear before finishing. Trowel to a smooth finish, but do not overwork the surface.  Over-troweling or finishing the surface too soon can lead to scaling, cracking or dusting of  the surface.


Gravel Mix cures under proper moisture and temperature conditions. It’s important to keep the surface damp for several days after placement. Methods include misting, applying a curing agent or placing plastic or wet burlap over the surface. Protect the Gravel Mix from freezing for at least 24 hours after placement.


One 80 lb. bag will yield approximately .60 cubic feet. To estimate the number of 80 lb. bags needed for a job, multiply the length x width (in feet) x depth (in inches), then divide by 8.

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