Gravel Mix
(Concrete Mix)

Gravel Mix

A quality blend of Portland cement, graded sand and stone/gravel. It is designed to be used in applications at at least 2 inches thick. Applications include foundations, footings, walkways drives, slabs and anchoring posts and poles. Our mix is  designed to meet or exceed the specifications of ASTM C 387. 3500 psi at 28 days.

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High Strength
Concrete Mix
5000 psi

High Strength Concrete Mix

A quality blend of Portland cement, graded sand, stone/gravel and other ingredients. It is designed to be used in applications of at least 2 inches thick. Especially designed for structural and load bearing applications including footings, foundations, slabs, and for anchoring posts or supports. Ideal for use in cold weather applications. Meets or exceeds the specifications of ASTM C 387 for high-early strength concrete.Air entrained and/or fiber reinforced versions are available.learn more >>

Mortar Mix – Type S

Mortar Mix

Our quality blend of fine mason sand and high strength masonry cement or mason sand, Portland cement and hydrated masonry lime.It is used to build brick, stone and block walls. Use as a stucco, scratch or base coat. Vita-Crete Mortar Mix is also used to tuck point mortar joints. Vita-Crete Mortar Mix is designed to meet or exceed the specifications of ASTM C 387 and C 270 for Type S Mortar/Stucco Sand Mix.Mortar mixes are also available in Type M, N, and O. Available in masonry cement base or Portland / lime design. learn more >>

Sand/Grouting Mix

Sand Mix

This quality combination of graded sand and Portland Cement is an overlayment for worn, spalled, or damaged concrete surfaces in applications less than 2 inches thick. Vita-Crete Sand/Grouting Mix is also an excellent bedding mix for laying slate, flagstone or brick walkways. Use for forming shower bases and under hollow fixtures. Vita-Crete Sand/Grouting Mix is designed to meet or exceed the specifications of ASTM  C 387 for high strength mortar. learn more >>

Mortar Sand

Mortar Sand

Clean mason sand that meets ASTM C-144 specifications. Light beige in color. Use to mix mortars for masonry repairs and/or new construction.

Storm Sand TM

Storm Sand

Coarse sand in tough, polypropylene bags for flood and erosion control, traction on ice, vehicle ballast and landscaping.

All Purpose Sand

All Purpose Sand

Graded, coarse, dry sand that meets ASTM C-33 specifications. Use for concrete work, traction on ice, and various landscaping applications.

Industrial Sands

Clean,dry fine sand for commercial applications. Uses include mixing tuck pointing mortars and filler for epoxies and coatings.

Pea Gravel

Clean, graded, dry 3/8″ round gravel for concrete work (extension of mortars, grouts, highway patching products).  Also other uses include drainage, landscaping and decorative projects.Other size aggregates are available.learn more >>

Crushed Stone

3/8″ crushed, angular rock. Clean and dry for a variety of uses. Meets ASTM C-33 for fine aggregate.Other size aggregates are available.learn more >>

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